My name’s Matt.

I’m passionate about creating game systems that translate into meaningful experiences. I believe that games can contribute to a better world.

If you feel the same, drop me a line at matt@matthew-r-stevens.ca

Who am I?

I’m a game developer with a twist.

I have 5 years of learning game development and design experience in the international humanitarian sector. I’ve built games with the Red Cross, UNHCR, Save the Children, and the Canadian Government.


In 2017, I founded a learning game development startup called Lessons Learned Simulations and Training, serving international humanitarian clients from 2018 to 2022.

I designed more than 15 learning games with clients around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

I carried out research on the global effectiveness of learning games and delivered courses on learning game design for humanitarian educators around the world.

Tech Skills:

Soft Skills:

Featured Projects


A rapid prototype built to explore a procedurally generated cave, using cellular automata and marching squares. Built in Unity using C#.

RPG Adventure

A vertical slice of a basic 3D action-RPG game, demonstrating the ability to design, organize, and implement larger and more complicated projects. Built in Unity using C#.


A high-paced clone of Asteroids, built in Godot with GScript, a scripting language based on Python.

Rescue Tank!

A retro-style humanitarian learning game inspired by Atari and DOS classics, developed to learn SDL2 and basic principles of engine development in C++.

My FCAP Journey

A game that teaches rural communities in Rwanda to design and monitor FCAP economic development microgrants. Designed to be played by people who are new to board games.

The client was provided with 20 sketch game proposals, of which 4 were selected for full game design documents. This game was selected by committee to be developed into a complete training tool.

The Pyramid

A game based on Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, which teaches about the priorities and goals of different stakeholders in humanitarian crises. The game focuses on how conflict can arise between humanitarian actors, local governments, and the people they hope to serve.

Developed in collaboration with Untold Play.

Humanitarian User Research: Serious Games

An international research project on the effectiveness of learning games in the humanitarian sector, based on game-based learning workshops in Amman, Jordan and Nairobi, Kenya.

Sponsored by Save the Children. Findings presented in Geneva and Montreal.

The Community-Based Simulation Development Project

An eight-month training course on learning game design for humanitarian educators in Jordan. The training was offered in English and Arabic, and created with CRISP Berlin and Save the Children.

This project was funded by a grant from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation, the Inter-Council Network, and Global Affairs Canada.

Hexmap Widget

A basic tool to for the dynamic construction and modification of a hexmap, for use in a turn-based strategy game.

The Day My Life Froze

A simultaneous-action educational “MegaGame” for up 25 in-person participants, built to teach humanitarian workers the underlying systems of ethical urban refugee response. Developed as part of an in-person workshop, delivered to multicultural audiences on four continents.